Specimen of the Month


Long-eared Bat

The month of November starts with a celebration formerly known as All Hollow’s eve or as it is now  known – Halloween. Many believe that this is an American holiday. There are no records of it being a holiday there, on the contrary the puritans objected vehemently against it. It was only after the mass migration of Irish and Scottish Christians in the 19th Century that Halloween became an American holiday. Apart from human skeletons, pumpkins and other paraphernalia, bats also feature prominently.

Worldwide there are over 1,000 different species of bats of which some 35 are found in Europe. Twelve  species of bats are known to occur in the Maltese Islands. In 2011 a new species of bat was discovered to occur in Malta – Savi’s Pipistrelle Hypsugo savii. This species was discovered roosting inside the museum building. Specimens of different species of bats can be seen in the museum displays.

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