Specimen of the Month

Eurasian Honey-buzzard – Kuċċarda – Pernis apivorus

The month of September is synonymous with bird migration, in particular, raptor migration. Flocks of broad-winged birds of prey such as harriers and buzzards can be seen in the early afternoon, soaring on the rising warm air currents (thermals). In the evening, several of these birds decide to spend the night on the island and in places like Buskett one can witness the magnificent descent from the skies into the trees of these truly aristocrats of the air. The Eurasian Honey-buzzard is one of the more commonly seen species and comes in a variety of different plumage colours (morphs) from pale white to dark black and any shade imaginable in between. Specimens from the historical collection can be seen on display in the bird’s hall of the Natural History Museum.

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