Open day

A recently donated cowrie

The National Museum of Natural History will be open to the public free of charge all day on Tuesday 7th June (a public holiday). For this occasion the museum will be opening two new displays and two temporary exhibitions. There will also be a number of activities for the public as well as tours of the museum at 10.00 and 14.00 hrs. During the day visitors will be able to see a new room of old curiosities including equipment used by museum staff in the early years of last century, a set of papier mache’ animals that used to be found in Maltese schools, a display of items confiscated by customs and the police and which were recently handed over to the museum and a collection of beautiful sea shells from the Great Barrier Reef of Australia which has just been donated to the museum. In the front courtyard of the museum experts will be available to give information about bird migration and lichens there will also be an educational area where young visitors will be able to take part in events and organised by Heritage Malta’s Educational Division. The museum in collaboration with a local palaeontologist has also set up an exhibition of fossil trilobites and ammonites and another of wild birds taken by Maltese bird photographers. These two exhibitions will remain open until the 3rd of July.

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