Visit to Filfla

Heritage Malta is organizing a boat trip around the islet of Filfla on Sunday June 5th 2011 to mark World Environment Day. Mr John J Borg, principal curator of natural history will be giving information about the nature, environment and history of this islet.

 For over two hundred years, British and later, NATO forces bombed the island from land, sea and air. Bombing stopped in 1970. Ten years later it was declared a nature reserve and nobody is allowed to land on it except for bona fide scientists.

Four species of seabirds breed on the island. The most conspicuous are the yellow legged gulls which build their nests on the plateau. The storm petrel, the Yelkouan shearwater and the Cory’s shearwater are not so easily observed as they spend the day on their nests in crevices and underneath boulders and fly in or out only during the night.   

 The storm petrel population on Filfla, estimated between 5,000 and 8,000 pairs is the largest known colony of this bird in theMediterranean.

 The boat leaves Sliema Ferries at 9.00hrs and returns at 13.00hrs approx. Tickets can be bought from all Heritage Malta museums and sites.  Tickets: Adults – Euro 15; Members – Euro 12 ; Under 12 – Euro 10. For more information and booking please contact Mr. Mario Casha on 23954242.

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  1. Salvatore Azzopardi says:

    Me and my wife would like to do a boat trip around Filfla, to take Photos of the of island. I just saw that you are going to do a trip.So what can we do, to come with you on this trip for amking nice fotos

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